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Looking to showcase your Scottish heritage at your next event? The Prince Charlie Outfit is a beloved and popular part of modern Scottish Highland dress, with a fascinating and long history. At Kilt Master, we offer a range of Prince Charlie outfits for purchase, including the traditional Bonnie Prince Charlie kilt outfit.

Our Prince Charlie outfits come complete with 11 essential items, including a Prince Charlie jacket made of black serge wool, a white cotton formal dress shirt, a tartan black watch tie, and a matching tartan black watch kilt. Other essential items include a black rabbit fur sporran, a sword kilt pin with a chrome finish, and ghillie brogues made of black genuine leather.

We also offer a plain black genuine leather belt with a Celtic knot chrome finish buckle, black acrylic wool hose, and tartan black watch flashes. And to ensure a seamless, well-fitting garment, we offer a range of measurement options to choose from.

At Kilt Master, we understand that putting together a traditional Bonnie Prince Charlie kilt outfit can be daunting. That's why we've created a simple guide to help you choose your favorite pieces and accessories, taking the pressure off so you can wear your Prince Charlie outfit with pride at any event, from weddings and graduations to Christmas celebrations.

So why wait? Browse our collection of Prince Charlie outfits today and showcase your Scottish heritage in style!