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The Argyll Jackets is shorter than a regular jacket with gauntlet cuffs and pocket flaps and a front cutaway for wearing with a sporran and kilt. It can be of tweed, tartan, or solid color material. The Argyll is the standard day wear jacket

Kilt Master is providing additional accessories such as Argyle Jacket with the kilts to complete your outlook. Basically, the argyle kilt jacket is the traditional outfit. Mainly it is used with the highland dresses.

Due to which it is made up of warmer clothes such as wool. This jacket got its finishing with both pocket flats and gauntlet cuff that gives it an outstanding traditional look. A handkerchief pocket on the left side of the jacket increases its dignity. It also has two inside pockets which help you to carry the whole equipment which you require.

The additional thing which is provided by this jacket is the front cutaway style which allows you to carry sporran with ease. It also has two braided epaulets with 1 button on the shoulders. They are less formal than Prince Charlie but can be worn to formal and casual functions alike. Again Kilt Master is facilitating you for customization in colors, size, and design which accord your personality.

Material Used:

There are many fabrics in which Argyle Jackets is made. It is dependent on customer requirements. Kilt Master is making Argyle Kilt Jackets in serge wool, tweed wool, melton wool, barathea wool, tartan acrylic wool, Velvet, Iqbal fabric, and vicuna wool. These fabrics are wonderful options. 

Hardware Used:

The hardware that is used in this jacket is chrome buttons. These buttons are added in front of jacket, vest, on shoulders and on sleeves. This decoration adds on the generosity and pride of the argyle jacket.

The Kilt Vest of this jacket contains the same fabric as the jacket on the front side. On the backside of Kilt Vest, there is satin with a waist adjusting belt. The Scottish Vest contains two pockets on the outside with no inside pocket. The chrome button in front of the vest adds in its beauty. Scroll down to view the whole range of the argyle jackets provided by the kilt master

Here are out top Selling Scottish Jacket whole range of the price charlie jackets provided by the Kilt Master.