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Ghillie Shirts also knew as Jacobite shirts, Jacobean shirts, and kilt shirts is one of the traditional accompaniments to a casual kilt outfit. They’re a big part of traditional Scottish clothing, offering a comfortable and functional fit for dances and even some semi-formal occasions. The most eye-catching feature of the ghillie shirt is the leather lacing across the v-neck of the shirt, laced in a similar way to Ghillie Brogues. The laces should hang down the front of the shirt, but they can also be tied in a simple knot if you want to secure them.

The term ghillie refers to the crisscrossed lacing style as also seen on the ghillie brogue. Ghillie shirts are considered to be more casual than their shirt and waist-coat counterpart that is normally seen with the kilt. The ghillie shirt existed before the kilt, with there being no documentation for kilts until 1575. Ghillie shirts are traditionally used for dances or ceilidhs as they are light and spacious to allow for air to pass through. They do not need to be worn with any sort of tie. Again this is a popular choice for more informal weddings and other such events and gatherings.

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