Kilt Master is the Ultimate Scottish Clothing and Accessories Company that offer an Extensive Collection of High Quality Kilts.
We offer very low prices and most of our kilts within the price range of $35 to $175 with a number of made to measure kilts that can be worn for various jobs or exercises.

At Kilt Master Shop made to measure options available for almost the entire kilt and you may customize any kilt for Waist, Length and color of your choice. We offer a large variety of kilts in different materials like denim, Cotton, Leather, camo and Poly cotton.

Some of the popular products of Kilt Master Includes;

Cargo Kilt for Active men which is made with a heavy duty cotton that can accommodate for tough use, cargo style pockets for added style and usability.

Casual utility kilt for women is made with 100% cotton material with a range of colors available to choose for equally popular in women and girls.

Deluxe Kilt for Royal men is made for men and ladies that comes with four internal studs and a leather snap securing strap that can help for waist adjustment offers a elegant style.

Gothic kilt which is a made from a Goth clothing style and designed with Gothic style pockets and a modified apron cut in front.

Almost all of the kilts are available in black, Khaki, blue and green colors along with the option to choose hardware and buttons style and color as well

Our delivery time of product shipment within and outside the US is between 7-30 days and we have a featured number of their kilts on a clearance sale. Customer feedback's on our website show that a lot of people were satisfied with their orders which are a good sign for prospective buyers. It also provides a straight forward way to shop by giving the option of entering the size of your order and then following a link to place your order.