As we still try to handle the Halloween hangover, “thanksgiving day” and “black friday” shopping mania gives us yet another reason to get crazy, right before Christmas. Finally, all those mouthwatering discounts and deals that we’ve been craving for so long, are HERE!!!.

Kilt Master, as usual brings the reason to widen that smile on your face, as we’re offering a flat 10% discount on our entire stock. Yes, you read it right, it’s here and it’s ON! You don’t have to get in a queue and wait until the doors are flung open. Just select the kilt of your choice and punch in Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY16 while checking out and there you go!

Our kiltt collection has something for everyone. Featuring a broad range of designs for Men and Women. You’re sure to find a Kilt that suits your taste. Moreover, all the kiltts are made-to-measure with the finest quality top/full quality cloth.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself with immaculate style and lavish savings.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!